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The A-Side: The Picture Line up:- Paul Lyttle, Len McCormick, Mike Harrison,  Joe Creighton & John "Jonas" Brown. Paul Lyttle from Bangor, is well known as a member of "Chips" and "Lyttle People" During his early days he featured in many of the local Groups and lots of them are featured on this site. Joe Creighton spent the early years of his musical career playing in bands in Europe, Japan & America before finally settling in Australia. Since that time he has dedicated himself to a successful career in the Australian Music Industry. He is best known for his work as the bass player & vocalist in the John Farnham Band. He wrote "The Time Has Come" for the Chain Reaction Album. Artists that he's also worked with :- Kate Ceberano. Tina Arena. Crowded House. CBD. Monique Brumby. Human Nature. James Reyne.  Merrill Bainbridge. Jimmy Barnes. Joe Camillerie (Black Sorrows & Revelators) He recorded his first solo album "Holywell" in 1994 to high acclaim by press & critics alike. Joe’s album "Falling Again" is still receiving favourable reviews. Sadly Joe can't be seen in my  John Farnham "HELP" Video Clip - Select:-  Updates - Slideshows...The A Side ardsbangor.com
Adam Donaldson: Adam fronts this Northern Ireland based tribute Band to Neil Diamond. He has been a lead vocalist for several top bands during his career as well as comparing theatre shows and featuring on cruise ships. He has a friendly relaxed style which always goes down well with the audience. The Diamond Experience is a fully live performance. All music and backing vocals are provided by Conspiracy a very talented Band. His show is one of the biggest and brightest currently available and he has appeared in top clubs, hotels, theatres and festivals all over the country.

  Conspiracy ardsbangor.com

Adam Donaldson ardsbangor.com
Allykatz: The Picture Line-up:- Seated:- Mike Brown (Bass Guitar)  Ed [Mitch] McCoy (Guitar) who is now living in Toronto. Standing:- Joe Hanratty (Drums) Jimmy Ross (Keyboards)  Brian Godfrey (Vocals) Billy Hollywood (Lead Guitar) . Mick Cox replaced Billy Hollywood in the "Alleykatz" in 1964 and toured with Them and other bands before returning to London in 1967.Allykatz ardsbangor.com
Ambient Forces: The Picture Line up:- Alan Niblock, Roy Mitchell and Paul Clarvis. Alan Niblock {Double Bass} Roy Mitchell {Tenor Saxophone and Bass Clarinet} Their Debut album "Ambient Forces" features recordings produced in selected locations such as St Anne's Cathedral, Harland and Wolff's paint hangar and Fermanagh's Marble Arch Caves. Teaming up with percussionist Paul Clarvis for a one-off live performance at Belfast's Sonic Arts Research Centre, Alan and Roy will use the evening to launch their second album "Speakup" Alan is currently involved in teaching and facilitating music workshops in schools and colleges throughout Northern Ireland, and has performed with a wide variety of local and international artists over the years, including The Commitments and Ken Poplowski. Ambient Forces ardsbangor.com
Andwella's Dream: Originally known as "The Method" and later renamed Andwella's Dream. The original trio were fronted by Dave Lewis (Guitar/keyboard/vocals), with Nigel Smith (bass/vocals) and Gordon Barton (drums). See "The Method" belowAndwellas Dream ardsbangor
Angels:  The Line-up:- Angels [Mark 2]:- Jim - Kate - Alan - Kim & Russell.  As with most semi-pro Bands during the 70' and 80's there were several line-up changes from their original formation. Alan Mawhinney features in several of the Groups on the Site "Tapestry I + Tapestry II" - "City Sound" etc: and originates  from "Whitespots - Newtownards"  He's now living in England where he still plays weekends in a duo called  "Chill Factor" . It's worth noting that he gave me my first electric Bass guitar .....a Burns. Burns® London acquired the original Shadows bass in 2005 which inspired them to re-release this great guitar as a special limited edition. Close research revealed this bass was quite different to the production model of 1964. Sorry Alan I didn't keep it and I don't remember what happened to it. It would be worth a lot today .....$$$$ . Other Former Members Of Angels:- Janet & Noel Johnston - Davy Barry {Guitar} and Ken Gillan {Keyboards/Bass}Angels ardsbangor.com
Apartment:  A Belfast Based Band that featured none other that Billy McCoy [RIP.] a musician who has played in so many Groups & Bands from the early Sixties to the present. Billy was one of the founder members of "Just Five" "Soul Foundation" There are several Photo's of him in many of the Groups & Bands on the Site. Billy was with "Soul Foundation" and also worked with Eric Wrixon[RIP] in "Them - The Belfast Blues Band" Apartment ardsbangor.com
AXE: The Picture Line-up:-  Billy McCoy [RIP.] [Guitar] Gordon McKee [Drums} Albert Mills {Bass} a 3 Piece  Rock Group of the late sixties, early seventies. They played regularly at "Cloud 9" Bangor .Very popular in all of the Belfast venues.

See "Creative Mind". For more information and pictures.

AXE Billy McCoy - Albert Mills - Gordon McKee ardsbangor.com
Aztecs: Rab Braniff is featured in a live session in a UTV documentary & interview program "Rock'n the North" which was broadcast Jul/Aug 1994. Rab Braniff (Aztec's) John Wilson (Them 1965-66, Taste 1968-70) Eric Bell  (Them 1966}, Thin Lizzy 1969-73/83) This video is 3'50" break for fans of Rory Gallagher/Taste and Thin Lizzy. The "12 Bar blues Festival" a few years ago was the brainchild of Rab Braniff, president   of The Belfast Blues Society and an accomplished vocalist and harp player in his own right. Rab’s idea was to pay homage to Belfast’s musical heritage, before the troubles, when the clubs featured artists who went on to achieve rock star status on the world stage. Van Morrison, Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore, Henry McCullough [RIP.] and Eric Bell were amongst those who trod the boards of these clubs in their heyday. Rab himself played with a band called The Aztecs back then. Some of the other artists that era featured:- Billy McCoy [RIP.] (Just Us), Paul Divito (Interns) and Devogue McClean  and the Mad LadsAztecs ardsbangor.com
Bananas: The Picture Line-up:- Ken Wilson [ Guitar] John Donnelly [Drums] Jody Pollard [Guitar] Robin Irvine [ Bass] A rock group that played the Dublin and Belfast club scenes. In 1975, Robin and several members of the band emigrated to New York where Bananas played for about a year, only to go their separate ways by 1976.  Bananas ardsbangor.com
The Barons: - 1965 {Gary Moore [RIP.} (4 April 1952 – 6 February 2011)  

The Picture Line-up:- Alan Moffett. {Drummer - Kneeling} - Bill Downey {Guitar} Gary Moore {RIP.} {Guitar} Brian {Barney} Cruthers {Bass} - Peter McClelland {Vocals}

 "A Special Thanks to Ian Hunter for his help! - information Etc:"
See:- The Beat Boys - Gary Moore - Virtue - Tapestry - Gumm - Spring
Also See "The Dreamin Kind"
Gary Moore The Barons ardsbangor.com
The Beat Boys: 1965 {Featuring Gary Moore [RIP.}
Gary's Ashfield Secondary School Band  "The Beat Boys". This photo was taken during the Queen's Court Hotel and Pickie Pool competitions held in Bangor in 1965. The Line-up was Bob Thompson - Bill Downey - Robin Lavery (later to become a founder member of “Chips”) and of course Gary. "Platform Three" was one of Gary's other Groups during that period. It's worth noting that they won their heat. One of Gary's other early Groups was the Barons - see above. And their lead singer was Peter McClelland, whose son Mark ironically later became a founder member of Snow Patrol. Garry - The legendary guitarist who found fame with Thin Lizzy, died on 6th February 2011 at the age of 58. Hw was one of the greatest guitarists of his generation. Born in Belfast and just 16 years old when he moved to Dublin in 1968 to join Skid Row, which featured  Phil Lynott [RIP.] who died in 1986, went on to co-found Thin Lizzy with drummer Brian Downey.
The Beat Boys Gary Moore ardsbangor.com
Blues Unlimited: 1965  The original line up was Cameron Carter [Vocals] Noel Graham [Guitar] Brian Knox [Bass] David Montgomery [Keyboards] and Michael Anderson [Drums]  The group mostly played the Bangor venues first, Coffee bars and then the Friday and Saturday night gigs in the Duck Pond, British Legion Hall etc: before graduating to the Belfast clubs including the Maritime, Betty Staffs, Sam Houstons Jazz Club Etc:. They shared gigs with many other great bands of the time including The Mad Lads, The Interns, Sam Mahood and Just Five and the Few among others, They were featured in some of the local music publications and reached the final of the Band competition at Pickie Pool in the summer of 1965 knocking out "The Beat Boys" on the way! Photo Required ardsbangor.com

The Big Soul Band: - Line-up:- Mike Brown - Billy McCoy [RIP.] - Hammy Shields - Roy (nean) Irwin - Mervyn Crawford - Frankie Connolly

The Big Soul Band
Brazil:  The Line-up Michael Yeates, Mark Armstrong, Lesley Davidson,  Nicky Davidson.  Michael & Lesley were previously in 'Raw Deal', Mark Armstrong  was a member of  'Motion Pictures"  - "Carpenter Joe" and  "The Biggest Thrill". Nicky was also in "Chalkie"  and "Waveband II" Lesley & Nicky are still playing gigs as a duo.


Brazil ardsbangor.com
Brian Moore & Friends: Whilst he’s best known locally for his association with the nightclub business supplying acts and as a DJ - Brian wears many hats” in the Entertainment business. He has shared a stage with such luminaries as Whitney Houston, James Brown, Run DMC, Public Enemy and Janet Jackson and he has also worked with the biggest in the DJ world from Tiesto to BBC Radio 1. He was also the DJ, compere and link man at what was arguably the biggest social event this country has ever seen, the Tall Ships first visit to Belfast. More recently his services were called upon as compere at the World Tour of “Dancing On Ice” at the Odyssey. And he’s also the front man at what is arguably Belfast’s prestige event – the Belfast Taste and Music Fest in Botanic Gardens where it is his role to complement proceedings which includes performances by four bands a day.  He’s worked at The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena, every major nightclub in the country and even toured Scandinavia and he shows no signs of stopping. From parties to promotions it’s in his blood and whatever the event it always gets the 100% treatment.Brian Moore ardsbangor

Brian Rossi & The Wheels: Brian Rossi [RIP.]  Aside from Them, spin-off  band the Belfast Gypsies. The biggest exception to this would be the Wheels. Like Them, they were from Belfast, and they had the good and bad fortune to bear a considerable sonic resemblance to Them. Good, because their first three singles sound so much like early Them sides that they can be confidently recommended to Them fans. Bad, because the similarity was so close that the Wheels could not be said to have developed their own persona. Although they were a great band, they were not so good that they could out do Them, and lacked Thems' originality, particularly as found in Thems' singer-songwriter genius Van Morrison. This Photo of Brian Rossi[RIP.} and the Golden Eagles was taken at the Plaza Ballroom Belfast..

Brian Rossi [RIP.]  ardsbangor
Celtic Soul: Tribute Band: The Line up: - The 7 piece Bangor Band comprises Clarke Wilson (Vocals/Saxophone/Harmonica), Ray McEvoy (Electric Guitar), Marcus McAuley (Acoustic Guitar), Rik Gay (Drums), Keith Ward (Piano, Keyboards and Vocals), Gerry McClurg (Trumpet)  and Mark Crockard (Bass and Vocals)     The band pay tribute to ‘Van The Man’  by their sensitive and knowledgeable renditions of Van Morrison’s classic hits and album tracks.
Celtic Soul ardsbangor
Chalkie: The Picture Line-up:- Back Row - Pat Duignan {Guitar] - Ken Gillan {Bass] - Front Row:- David Maxwell {Keyboards] - Marianne {Vocals] - Peter Gregory {Drums]

A Great Bangor based Pop Band .

Chalkie - ardsbangor
Candlelight: The Picture Line-up:- Roy Savage - RIP {Bass] Andrew Duff [ Drums] Bobby McKee {Guitar]  Mike O'Neil {Guitar} Picture Taken 1981-1982


More Information Required:-

Candlelight ardsbangor
Candy: The original line up of the band from Larne was: Bryce Norrie (vocals), George Doherty (keyboards), Barry Patterson (drums), Dave Smyth (sax), Sam Greenaway (trumpet), Stuart Bingham (Guitar) and Ray Toal (Bass). -

Also see Sunshine

Candy ardsbangor
Carpetbaggers: 1967:The Picture Line-up:- Richard Morrow - Alistair Stewart - John McAuley - Norman Fusco and of course - Paul Lyttle  - The Original Line-Up - Richard Morrow [Vocals] Stuart Rutherford [RIP.] [Drums] Alistair Stuart [Drums - Originally Guitar] Paul Lyttle [Guitar and Vocals] John {Buzz} Mc Auley [Bass] Norman {Fuzz} Fusco {Keyboards} Richard Morrow is now a Hypnotist and there  are lots nostalgic photo's and much more information on his website. He is also a featured in Terence Bowman's Book s "Ards - Bangor in The Sixties" 
CarpetBaggers Disc ardsbangor.com
The CarpetBaggers 1967 ardsbangor
Chaser:1973Gordon Thompson ardsbangor.com

The Line-up:- [L-R] Mike Brown [Bass] ex: Allycatz...Billy Bell [Drums] Billy McCoy [RIP.] [Guitar] Davy Hamilton [Vocals] Note:- Gordon Thompson [Keyboards]   joined the Band later in 1976 . Chaser were one of the most innovative local groups during the 70s, playing material from lots of the influential Rock Groups during that period. "The Eagles - The Doobie Brothers - Steely Dan - Toto" etc: This was to progress into the 90s as the members continued to influence many other local Bands with their style and professionalism.  

Also See "Clouds &  Richmond Hill etc:"  

Chaser ardsbangor.com
Chips: The Line-up [1978]  Adrian Mullan [ piano/vocals]  Linda Martin [ lead vocals]  Paul Lyttle [ lead vocals & lead guitar] - Brian Donaghy [ drums] Irene McIroy [Vocals] Trevor England [Bass].  Chips’ roots date back to 1969 when “The Group,” a Belfast pop group specialising in four part Beach Boy harmony vocals, advertised for a girl singer.  The outcome of an audition was that not one, but two, girls joined the band – Ann Ferguson and Linda Martin.  Ann and Linda, both still at school, had voices to match Mama Cass and Michelle Phillips.  With its extended west coast repertoire adding a new dimension to the Belfast group scene, The Group changed its name to “Chips.”  Paul Lyttle (ex Carpetbaggers) joined Chips in 1970 and became the driving force in the band.

Lots more information is available on the "Irish Showbands" great Web-Site.

Chips 1967 ardsbangor.com
City Sound: The Line-up:- Don Bell [Guitar] Formally of Breeze & Splinter - Peter Scott [ Guitar] RIP..  - Duncan McLean [Vocals] RIP.. - Alan Mawhinney [Bass - Keyboards] - Lenny Mills [ Drums] City Sound were very successful and played the local music scene for many years. The founder member "Duncan McLean" [RIP..] continued despite many line-up changes over the years and was well respected by everyone who knew him. Other Band members included during Duncan's Career included:- Robin McCully [Guitar] James Meredith [Bass] Raymond Carroll [Guitar] Steve Crossen [Drums] Tommy Paterson [ Keyboards] Stu Trail [Bass] any many more. Robin continued working after leaving City Sound and played guitar in the original "Fresh" line-up.  Also see "Fresh" and more "City Sound" photo's in the "Band's" Slideshow Section.City Sound ardsbangor
Clouds: The Line-up:- Davy Johnston [ Sax] - Davy Stewart [ RIP..] Vocals - Jackie McAdam [RIP..] Guitar -  Jackie Halliday [Drums] - Gordon Thompson [Keyboards-Vocals] - Jim Patterson [Bass] Gordon Thompson is a well known and well respected musician and has played in many Groups/Bands during his career. I believe that Clouds will always be best remembered for their time at the "Errigle Inn - The Belfast Residency". Playing to a Full house at every Gig.  New Photo's Added :-  Gordon Thompson - Davy Houston - Ian Larmour - Billy McCoy [RIP.]- Jim Patterson at the Errigle Inn Belfast.

Plus Of Course more "Clouds" early Band photo's  Also See "Chaser"

Clouds ardsbangor.com
Clubsound: Were one of the more successful Bands during the 1960s and 1970s. The original line-up of the band featured George Jones and drummer Tommy Thomas who wrote all the comedy material. They started as a backing band and played skiffle before evolving into comedy, with a few locally successful singles, including Belfast, Belfast and Shankill Airways. The later line up featured Dave McKnight, Barry Woods and Alan McCartney. The original line-up featured George Jones, Barry Woods, Alan McCartney and Dave McKnight. The Band called The Monarchs was formed prior to Clubsound that included none other than Van Morrison.
Clubsound ardsbangor.com
The Continentals:  Formerly know as "The Falcons" The Line-up:- Michael Johnston, David Carlisle, Jack Wilson, Bernie Foyers, Eric Stewart & Norman Keenan [RIP.] The first of many Groups to convert to the well established "ShowBand" format. A bigger line-up, Bigger Venues and a Bigger sound. The Band toured France in 1966 and on their return Norman continued his career as lead vocalist  with Gumm - Spring  - Variety.  Also See:- Gumm & Spring Photo's
David Carlisle 1970s ardsbangor.comBetty Staffs Belfast ardsbangor.comQueens Hall Newtownards ardsbangor.com
The Continentals ardsbangor.com
Country & Urban Blues:This local Group Supported "Them" on their opening night of "Club Rado" at the Maritime, College Square North, Belfast, in April 1964.Among the regular Maritime favourites during its brief heyday from 1964 until it became a casualty of the civil disorder some five years later were Rory Gallagher {RIP} and the Taste, Just Five (featuring Sam Mahood {RIP}), the Lovin' Kind, The Mad Lads, The Alleykatz, The Interns, The Aztecs, The Deltones, Five by Five, Method, The Few and The Fugitives.
Deke Thompson ardsbangor.comMore Information  & Photo Required

Maritime Belfast ardsbangor.com

Photo Required ardsbangor
Creative Mind: The Picture Line-up:- Gordon McKee {Drums} Ken Wilson {Guitar} Albert Mills {Bass} A Rock Group of the late sixties, early seventies. They played regularly at "Cloud 9" Bangor and  very popular in all of the Belfast venues.  Albert Mills is currently Bass Player / Vocalist in the new "TASTE" line-up......Also See "AXE". For lots more information and pictures go to the new "Taste" Website. Featuring John Wilson [Drums] Sam Davidson [Guitar - Vocals] Albert Mills [Bass - Vocals] Creative Mind ardsbangor.com
Crypt: The Picture Line-up:- From left:   Bill Wilson (bass), Brian Donaghey (drums), Barry Manson (vocals), Mick Loughran (lead guitar), Seán Darby (guitar). The Crypt were based in Belfast. They appeared on "Like Now" on  the then Teilifis Eireann sometime around 1970. The Crypt recorded a demo disc in Dublin's Trend Studios featuring two songs, "Monday" and "Jane"  mixed and produced by John Dardis.  The late chairman of Shelbourne F.C., Ollie Byrne managed the band at that time. A previous manager for was Father Tony Marcellses (Belfast), better known in the band scene as "The Hoodlum Priest"!The Crypt ardsbangor.com
C.S.F. - 1970 The Picture Line-up:- Colin McNickoll [Trumpet] Armstrong Beattie [Keyboards] Gordon Craig [Horns] Davy Hamilton [Vocals] Terry Holland [ Guitar] Hugo Andrews [RIP.] [Horns] Brendan O'Neill {Drums]  Brendan O'Neill went on to join Spring  -  Rory Gallagher - Nine Below Zero - Sharpee's

C.S.F. ardsbangor.com
Dave Glover: RIP.. The Picture Line-up:- Front:- Jim McManus  - Muriel Day - Dave Glover[RIP.].  Rear:- Dessie McCarthy - Johnny Anderson - Jim Gunner -  Jackie Flavelle [RIP}- Jim McDermott .Dave Glover, who has died at 85, used to tell friends that he spent a lifetime stoking up a musical flame ..because he had been born in a fire station. And the band leader who decorated ballrooms the length and breadth of Ireland — but especially the Arcadia in Portrush and the Floral Hall at Bellevue wasn’t being funny. He was indeed born in the Ardoyne Fire Station. “I've vague memories of watching the fire engines going out with their bells ringing,” he once said. “Part of the station was converted into apartments for ex-servicemen like my dad Sam, an inspector on the trams, and my mum Eileen.” As a boy of 14 he sang in the choir at Whitehouse Parish Church and dreamed of music as a career. Eventually he and his brothers set up Roundwood Engineering which flourished for years in the city before the family sold out. But before that happened Dave had to make his mind up between engineering and bands, He chose music...... Dave Glover Showband ardsbangor.com
Davy Hamilton: Davy first started his singing career in Betty Staffs (Belfast) in 1968 with his band Volume Road playing the pubs and clubs in the music scene, the band were also resident in Milano's in Bangor as a support band to the likes of The Freshmen and Candy every Saturday night.  Davy soon progressed to join Mash in 1970, with this band Davy travelled throughout Northern Ireland entertaining the public along with Brendan O’Neill ex Deep Joy drummer and Raymond Donnan on Keyboards, Raymond went on to the Freshmen.  Later that year Davy was given the opportunity to become the front man of a 7 piece band CSF, this band played in venues such as Capronis, Starlight and Romano’s in Belfast.  CSF disbanded in late 1972 this is when Davy ventured into the new world of Cabaret and formed his own band Sparkle who were resident in the Imperial in Bangor, at the same time Davy began to appear at famous clubs such as the Abercorn and various Cabaret venues throughout the North.  Davy formed Chaser in 1973 taking with him former CSF and Sparkle drummer Billy Bell and ex Lyttle People Mike Brown and Billy McCoy [RIP.], Chaser produced solid Rock sounds as a four piece until Gordon Thompson joined in 1976 on Keyboards, the band stayed together until 1978 when due to other commitments the band agreed to go their separate ways during this period Davy earned his Equity Membership whilst playing the role Simon of Zealotes in the first ever production Of Jesus Christ Superstar in Belfast. Davy continued his Cabaret career touring with the Gene Fitzpatrick Show and also developing his Television career, working with the BBC Drama department appearing in shows alongside Actors such as the late John Thaw ( Inspector Morse ), Kenneth Branagh and James Ellis in the Billy Plays and Timothy West in Harrys Kingdom, whilst also appearing in Television Adverts.In more recent years Davy has continued to sing from time and time but is happy to have passed the reins onto his Son Paul “Hammy” Hamilton who has become one of Irelands most sought after drummers playing with local talent names such as Simon McBride and Gareth Dunlop to name but a few and is a partner in a very successful Entertainment Company.Davy Hamilton ardsbangor.com
Detours: The Picture Line-up:- Roy Savage - Harry Filmer - Alastair MacKenzie[RIP] - Titch McHard - Derek Drayne - Michael Anderson.  One of the successful Bangor Groups of the mid sixties that later changed their name to "The High Wall". Then In 1968 Derek Drayne and Alastair MacKenzie [RIP.] got  together with Paul Lyttle and John Smith {Smick ] to form "The John Smith Band"

Alastair MacKenzie[RIP]

The Detours ardsbangor.com
Deep Joy: The Picture Line-up:- Clockwise from front: Gerry McAvoy, Wilgar Campbell, Jimmy Carlisle, Dave Harper. Deep Joy evolved from Pride 1968 - 1970.  Gerry McAvoy [Bass]  Jim Ferguson [Guitar] Jimmy Carlisle [Guitar] Brendan O'Neill [Drums] Jim Ferguson was later replaced by Dave Harper on keyboards who was later replaced by Chris Morrison (keyboards and oboe). Brendan O'Neill was replaced by Wilgar Campbell on drums. The band toured with Taste in the U.K. and when both bands broke up on exactly the same night 31st December 1970, Gerry McAvoy and Wilgar Campbell both became rhythm section for Rory Gallagher. Subsequently, Brendan O'Neill replaced Wilgar Campbell on drums.Deep Joy ardsbangor.com
Dimensions: The Line-up:- Mike Cash {Vocals & Drums} Chris Duffy {Guitarist}  Deke Thompson {Bass Player}  A Great Bangor based Group of the Sixties

Deke Thompson ardsbangor.com

Photo Required ardsbangor
Dirty Work: - also previously know as "Squinter Dan"  The Picture Line-up:-  Helen Bradley [Vocals] Brian O’Kane [Bass Player] Peter McKinney  [Drummer]  Previous drummer was James Ross

1970's Belfast based group drafted by Louis Walsh as Tony Kenny's backing band in the late 70's. Brian O’Kane [Bass Player] was also known as "Shorty" of Shorty & The Heartbeats.

Lots More Information Required......

Dirty Work ardsbangor.com
Disowned: The Line-up:-  Eddie Willis [Organ] Grainger Allen {Drums] Alan Mc Gorman [Vocals] Billy Alexander{Bass} Brian McCaffery [Guitar]  Note:- Brian McCaffery, also played with "Rat" and "Richmond Hill". "Rat" line-up:- Brian  McCaffery [Guitar and Vocals] Peter Galbraith (ex Few) on Bass, and Dave Finlay [Drums] Dave Finlay also played Drums in "Platform Three - [1967] featuring the late Gary Moore [RIP.] and an earlier line-up of Richmond Hill.

Electric Honey Pot ardsbangor.comNo Photo of "Rat" ...the Group moved to London and disbanded 1972

Disowned ardsbangor.com
Dolls House: 1969 The Picture Line-up:-  Joe Creighton {Bass}.........More Information Required

Dolls House 1969 ardsbangor.com

Dolls House
Dominoes: Also see "The Group & Dunno" The Dominoes were founded by Fred Isdell, Bill Morrison and Mike Shanks and Roderick Downer. After a brief period under the influence of the Shadows, they met up with a portly singer called Elmer and were described as Elmer and the Dominoes until Elmer left and they were just The Dominoes. From 1961, The Dominoes, now joined by Chris Doran and Dick Pentland, played Saturday nights at the Belfast Boat Club. By 1966 when the original band members split up, the Dominoes had evolved into an accomplished rhythm and blues band who took their inspiration from Manfred Mann and the Rolling Stones.  In 1981, the Dominoes came together again for the first time in 15 years.  Morrison, who had played organ and electric piano with The Group and Chips, reverted to playing guitar and Bangor architect, Chris Doran, who had been the drummer in the original Dominoes, moved to keyboards. Robin Lavery, formerly with Gary Moore’s Beat Boys and later a founder member of Chips, came in on drums. In 1983 the Dominoes were the band on stage at the Last Night at Caproni’s with guest appearances from Dave Glover, George Jones and Trevor Kelly. By now firmly re-established, the Dominoes carried on throughout the eighties and nineties, keeping songs of the sixties alive.  In the late 1990s Lavery left for America and John Wilson (see Taste, Them) took over on drums.  Clare Steele, daughter of keyboard player Chris Doran came in as lead vocalist – reducing the average age of the band significantly.  When founder member Fred Isdell sadly died in 2004, the band dropped the name “Dominoes,” but the music was kept alive in various guises until a further tragic loss – the death in 2006 of Clare’s dad, keyboard player Chris Doran.  Morrison, by now the only surviving member of the original Dominoes, carried on gigging with his son, drummer turned guitarist Michael Morrison (founder member with Gary Lightbody and Mark McClelland of “Shrug,” forerunner of Snow Patrol); Robin Lavery back on back on drums; bass player Keith Baker (Heart and Soul, Dunno, Hooker) and on keyboards, former Freshman, sax player and vocalist, Ray Donnan. The band gigged for the last time in August 2011.Dominoes ardsbangor.com
Dunno:  Also see "The Group & Dominoes" A Belfast group that featured some of the original Chips. Dick  Pentland Born 1944, Belfast joined the Dominoes in 1962, replacing Elmer Grey, playing Alto, then Baritone, then Keyboard. He continued on with the Dominoes after the Great Schism, when the Group was formed in 1966. The Dominoes morphed into Heart and Soul, for which Dick wrote the brass arrangements and played Tenor. He participated in the great reunification when the Group [Mk 2] was formed in 1969, and played Keyboard. He was a founder member of Chips, playing Keyboard. When Chips went full time in 1972, he then left to form Dunno with other former Dominoes members. When this broke up, he joined Clubsound to play Keyboard, Tenor and Percussion. While in Clubsound he played Baritone with the BBC big band. He gave it all up in 1974, and emigrated to Canada in 1975, where he still lives in Nova Scotia.Dunno ardsbangor.com
The Dreamin Kind:  The Line-up L-R:-  John Wilson from Carrowdore, Reggie Carson from Donaghadee, Michael Livingstone from Millisle, Maurice Knocker from Millisle, Graham Drennan from Donaghadee (RIP) and Billy Hunter from Millisle. Maurice Knocker and John Wilson later went on to join The Blue Aces from Portaferry. The remainder of the band minus Michael Livingstone / replaced by Robert Apps{RIP.} went on to become The Suburbans and was later joined by the Late Great Gary Moore (RIP).
Bill Hunter ardsbangor.com

     Billy Hunter {Bass} - Also See "The Suburban's" 1960' - 70s

    "A Special Thanks to Ian Hunter for his help! - information"

The Dreamin Kind Donaghadee ardsbangor.com
The Dusty Hagan Experience:  Dusty was lead vocalist with Pennyfeather, a Belfast Band who played at "The Pound" Belfast on a regular basis. They Supported Thin Lizzy at the "Carousel - Zig Zag Disco, Belfast back in 1970.  Dusty recorded a CD in 1997 titled 'Dusty Hagan Band live at the Cutters Wharf' - Shown Below. The band's keyboard player and MD at that time was Mark Dougherty who later became MD for Peter Corry and one of the River Dance European touring shows.  Dusty was also lead vocalist in "Apartment"" Spring" "Dunno" and "Berlin" He has worked with many other leading Groups and Musicians during his long musical career.
 Dusty Hagan ardsbangor.com
Dusty Hagan ardsbangor.com
Edwin Heath: [RIP.]  Edwin Heath died in January 1999. He was certainly one of the finest stage hypnotist's of his time and we will all have fond memories, sitting through his shows. He did have a serious hypnotherapy practice in Bangor Northern Ireland where he was based.

Edwin Heath
Eileen Percy: [RIP.] Long before the names of Kenneth Branagh and Liam Neeson. Other lesser-known Irish legends lit up the silver screen. One such name was South Belfast’s own Eileen Percy who made it big in the dawning age of cinema – in the silent movie era of the twenties. After emigrating to New York at the age of nine Eileen Percy was spotted by movie mogul Douglas Fairbanks, signed-up with Fox, and went on to make some sixty-four films in a decade! At the height of her career she starred alongside Hollywood greats such as Rudolph Valentino. Eileen Percy was born in Belfast, N. Ireland on August 21, 1900. She got an early start in films when she landed the role of Ethel Forsythe in 1917's Down to Earth (1917). She was barely 17 years old. Eileen was kept busy as the twenties rolled in with roles in The Third Eye (1920), Why Trust Your Husband (1921), Let's Go (1923), and Tongues of Flame (1924). (Her sister Thelma, briefly, appeared in four films in 1920 and 1921). Eileen was one of those stars whose voice didn't translate well into sound. She made only a few sound pictures with a bit part in The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (1932). Eileen Percy - RIP.  - ardsbangor.com
Eire Apparent: The Picture Line-up:- Ernie Graham [Vocals - Guitar]  Tiger Taylor who replaced Henry McCullough [RIP.] [Guitar]  Chris Stewart [Bass]  Dave Lutton [Drums]   Eire Apparent was in fact the last line up of The People, a band whose history dates back through several line up changes to the early 1960's. The People had been managed by David Robinson and had moved from North Ireland to Blackpool and then to a highly successful period in Dublin, before setting for London in May 1967. There they endured a tough couple of months until old manager Dave Robinson got them a gig at the UFO club. This brought them to the attention of Mike Jeffrey &  Chas Chandler which led to a new management deal, a name change to Eire Apparent courtesy of Chandler, and support slots on the legendary Jimi Hendrix Experience,  The Move and Pink Floyd tour of November - December 1967.  Eire Apparent ardsbangor.com
Eric Bell - Shades Of Blue: The Picture Line-up 1969:- Phil Lynott [RIP.} - Brian Downey -  Eric Bell.  Eric joined "Shades of Blue" just shortly after "Gary Moore [RIP.]" left the group. Later he moved to Dublin, joined "The Dreams" and then of course went on to form "Thin Lizzy" 

He also played in the "Noel Redding Band" and "Mainsqueeze"




Shades Of Blue
Eric Wrixon [RIP.) "Them - The Belfast Blues Band"
Eric Wrixon  [RIP.] (born 29 June 1947, in Belfast was a founder member of both Them and Thin Lizzy. In 1996 Them - The Belfast Blues Band, started a new tour in Europe. Today Eric lives in Italy and is constantly on tour with a new formation, which is still called "Them - The Belfast Blues Band". He was the original keyboard player with Them, when they were a five-piece band establishing themselves as Belfast's hottest act in the spring of 1964 with a residency at the Maritime Hotel. Still in high school at that time he had to take his A-level examinations, and Them manager Phil Solomon told him he had to choose between taking the exams or staying in the band!..  Does anyone remember "The Telstar's?" Yes that was also Eric! Of all the Artists/Bands covered on this Site, Eric has a musical connection with so many of them.  
Them - The Belfast Blues Band
Escape Fails: Local band Escape Fails were thrilled to be chosen as one of four finalists of Kerrang! magazine's Black XS UK Live Sound Competition, an outstanding accolade for the group, who are familiar faces at the Ivy Bar in Newtownards. Escape Fails formed three years ago as a post hardcore band, and have since developed their own unique mix of embracing pop melodies combined with shredding guitars and screaming vocals. The band consists of members Ryan Adair (vocals,) Marc Harrington (guitar,) Paul Harrington (drums,) Tim Potter (guitar) and Aaron Fitzsimmons (bass.)
Escape Fails ardsbangor.com
Fagan: The Line-up:- Paul Lyttle {Vocals & Guitar} Ricky McCutcheon {Drums & Vocals} Deke Thompson {Bass} No More Information available but the Group played in the Queens Court Hotel  Bangor.

Deke Thompson ardsbangor.com

Photo Required ardsbangor.com
The Falcons: [1965] The Picture Line-up:-  Michael Johnston, David Carlisle, George Gordon, Harry Filmer,  Eric Stewart & Norman Keenan [RIP.] Norman joined the Falcons in October 1964 replacing Joan Forsythe on lead vocals. The Band played all the local venues and even along with Van Morrison's "Them" at St. Andrews Memorial Hall - Comber {Picture taken in 1965 with Them] The Band reformed in 1966 to become "The Continentals" - "Gumm" and eventually "Spring"

 Also See:- Detours - Continentals - Gumm & Spring

The Falcons & Van Morrision - Them ardsbangor.com
Fast-Lane: The Line-up:- Alan Niblock {Bass/Vocals} Peter Niblock {Drums}

More Information Required:-  If you have any information etc: please let me know.


Photo Required ardsbangor
The Few: The Photo Line-up:- Terry Lendrum, Brian Russell (RIP), Alan Wheeler, Greg Wheeler & Peter Galbraith. The Few were formed in Methodist College Belfast in 1965 and played all over Ireland. A true Blues Band with a distinctive sound and I used to love hearing them play at "Betty Staff's" Ann Street Belfast, a small venue but great live sound.  

 More Information Required:- 

The Few 1969 ardsbangor.com
Foy Vance: Foy Vance is the real son of a preacher man, this Bangor born singer-songwriter's music carries heavy gospel influences. Check out Foys' website for lots of info and  video clips.Foy Vance
Flash Harry:  Throughout their thirteen years, Queen tribute band Flash Harry have performed to audiences all over the world, from Dublin’s Point Theatre to Dubai, even the Albert Hall garnering much attention and a large fan base. Flash Harry ardsbangor.com
Fred Hanna: [RIP.] Fred was from Newtownards and for much of his time, he called his band the Laganmen. Fred's band was also known as the Calypso Showband and during the late 1950's Fred and his band were resident in the legendary Belfast Floral Hall. They made an album called "Lonely Woods of Upton". Not only was Fred the band leader, but he was also a virtuoso accordionist. The success of the first Diamond Accordion Band album led to a succession of LPs and CDs that also sold well, where the formula of presenting melodic music in straightforward arrangements proved to be enduringly popular. Accordionists Trefor Owens, Wilcil McDowell, and Ivan Black also contributed to some of the Diamond Accordion Band recordings.
The Fresh  Boogie Band: The Photo Line-up:- Paul Bradley [Guitar] Raymond Carroll [Guitar] James Meredith [Bass & Vocals] Eddie Hill [Keyboards] Noel Johnston [Drums] Janet Johnston [ Lead Vocals]. The Band evolved from "Fresh" a four piece Blues/- Rock  Band playing mostly Belfast Venues. "The Fresh Boogie Band" managed by Brian Moore [Portstewart]  were very popular playing regularly around the North West -  "Kellys" Portrush and the "Strand Hotel" Portstewart. As with most Groups/Bands during that period, to survive  they literally had to compete with "Disco's" in all the major venues and quickly became a great Dance/Club Band playing material by "Earth Wind & Fire" - "Crusaders" etc: They continued for several years despite several line-up changes and made several studio recordings in "Mud Wallace's[RIP.} - Homestead Studio" but never released any original material. Other Members included Terry Hodges, Peter Niblock, Hugh O'Neil, Colin Bell {RIP..} Harry Burns, Lenny Mills {Ex: City Sound] and Davy Walker who later move to Canada. Raymond Carroll & Eddie Hill  together with Rodney Patterson and Mark Coyle later formed the Jazz - Funk - Soul  Band "SPINOZA" See BelowFresh Boogie Band
Foggy Lyttle: [RIP.] 13th May 1944 - 25th Dec 2003
David 'Foggy' Lyttle born in Belfast, was a great guitarist, best known for his work with Van Morrison. The album Magic Time was dedicated to him, as he had died within weeks of completion of the recording. The album credits described him as "a respected colleague and fine performer who brought a unique flavour to many of  the album's tracks. Some of the many famous artists Foggy had played with include:- Sinéad O'Connor, Brian Kennedy, The Chieftains, Marianne Faithfull, Liam Neeson, Harry Nilsson, Phil Everly, Gene Pitney, Acker Bilk and Elton John.
Foggy lyttle[RIP.]
The Freshmen: {Mark 2}  The Picture Line-up:-  Ray Donnan {Keyboards} Billy Brown [RIP.]   Torry McGahey - Derek Dean - Lindsay Lunney - Tiger Taylor - Sean Mahon.


More Information Required:-

Freshmen 1973 ardsbangor.com
Gareth Dunlop: Born in Belfast, Gareth has spent the last few years traveling between the U.S. and the U.K. to support the release of his EP’s. He has opened shows for a diverse group of artists including Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, Stereophonics, Nanci Griffith and many others. Gareth’s career started changing after he was asked to participated in a song writing exchange between Belfast and Nashville, which lead to a performance at the famous Bluebird Cafe. His soulful voice and captivating songs caught the attention of Nashville music community and he was quickly offered a publishing deal. Since that time, his songs have been used in numerous television shows including “House,” “Private Practice,” “Cougar Town, “One Tree Hill,” and Subaru’s commercial called “Rendezvous.”  Check out his website for the latest info:Gareth Dunlop ardsbangor
The Gatsby Boys: The Members Included:- Alex Campbell {Guitar - Vocals} Billy McCoy [RIP.] {Guitar} Lawrence Thomson [RIP.} {Guitar - Vocals} Jimmy Young {Drums} Robert McAleese {Bass} Trevor Buchannan [Bass} Terry Hodges {Bass}

The Group where formerly know as "Cool Ice" .........More Information & Photo Required

Photo Required ardsbangor
The Group: ....Also see "The Dunno & Dominoes" The Group came together in the spring of 1966 and quickly became the star attraction in the clubs of Belfast and North Down. The Group was around for little more than two years, but is still remembered fondly by a fashion-conscious generation who were swept away by flower power and psychedelic lighting. The place to go in those days was The Pound - a warehouse behind Roddy's Bar in Belfast's Oxford Street where the new courthouse is today. They performed there every Saturday afternoon, with spontaneous guest appearances on stage from national pop stars who would go there to relax ahead of an evening performance in the Ulster Hall. In the evenings The Group's four-part harmony Beach Boy sound would draw packed audiences to popular venues such as the Maritime, the Marquee Club, the Penthouse above Sammy Houston's Jazz Club in Great Victoria Street, and the Queen's Court Hotel in Bangor. "There was something very special about The Group," says Colin McClelland, former editor of Sunday World. "They were a musician's band, hugely popular. They could adapt their performance to suit any occasion. They would be billed with Rory Gallagher and with Eric Clapton and Cream one day, and then touring Ireland with Roy Orbison the next." The Group were resident in Ulster Television's first attempt at local pop magazine programme, "Zoom In." Fronting that 1968 programme was DJ Hendi, Paddy Kielty's sidekick on the BBC 1 show Patrick Kielty Live. "I was the DJ in the Marquee Club when The Group was the resident band," says Hendi, "Fred always had great lines and the band was as good as it gets." Sez Adamson, third from the left, was lead singer and lead guitar with The Group. He is now living in South Africa, where he has earned an international reputation as a pedal-steel guitarist. He is the younger brother of well known golfer Rusty Adamson who lives in Cultra. Drummer Ricky McCutcheon, on the right, is now living in Banbury. Fred Isdell was on bass guitar and his friend and colleague from the Dominoes, Bill Morrison (on the left), played keyboards.The Group
Gentry Morris:  Georgia born singer - songwriter comes to Bangor. He grew up in south Georgia USA, in a place called Dublin, moved to Nashville when he was 20 to play music and be a songwriter, as you tend to do if you’re an aspiring songwriter in that part of the world! He spent about four or five years in Nashville, trucking along and learning. Now he lives in Bangor!. Gentry Morris’ The Bare Bones and Bad Ideas EP is still available. Gentry Morris ardsbangor.com
Groucho: The Picture Line-up:-  Billy McCoy [RIP.] [Guitar & Vocals]  Rory McCahon [Drums & Vocals] James Meredith [Bass & Vocals] Gordon Thompson [Keyboards & Vocals] also played in the Band in 1995. The Band playing mostly 60s -70s material & Rock & Soul standards. There are several live video clips of the Band on You Tube recorded at the Saltwater Brig, Kircubbin on the 23rd July 1994.
Gordon Thompson ardsbangor.com


Gumm: The Photo Line up:- Norman Keenan [RIP.] Raymond McClure - Phil Turner - Raymond Donnan - Billy Bell - Harry Filmer - Paul Menown..Gumm ardsbangor.com
HeadBand: Dave Reid  - Brian Scott - Richard McMullan - Ian Henry - Neville Craig - Gordon Craig  Terry Campbell - Dave Taylor.

More Information To Follow ...... Ian Henry

HeadBand Belfast
Henry McCullough: [RIP.} Henry was justifiably one of rock’s most legendary figures. Growing up in the seaside resort of Portstewart, Henry's first musical venture was as guitarist with Irish Showband The "Skyrockets" and the years to follow found him doing the dance hall circuit with similar outfits, including the popular "Gene and the Gents". When the blues boom hit Ireland, Henry became involved with the rougher side of music through the outfit that were to become "Eire Apparent". managed for a time by Chas Chandler, Eire Apparent were one of the many bands to take part in package tours of Britain, alongside groups like The Move, Pink Floyd, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Amen Corner... After an untimely exit from the band, Henry nailed down some of the finest mix of traditional and rock with his work as part of the legendary Sweeney's Men.  Picture - Henry In "Wings"Henry McCullogh ardsbangor.com
Heritage: The Picture Line-up:- Jim Wynn - Terry Hodges [ Bass] Colin Blain and Davy Johnston. The Group appeared on Opportunity Knocks around 1973 just before Sunshine's Successful run. Although the group were mostly from the Dundonald area they often played support at Cloud 9, Bangor for such greats as Sam Mahood  [RIP..], John Smith Band, Vintage, Chips etc. Jim recalls "Our claim to fame was getting a lift home with Sam Mahood and the Soul Foundation in their van!" Terry Hodges is still playing.... you can see him at the "ENLER DELTA BLUES CLUB" on the first Sunday of every month. The venue is at Comber Rec F.C. at Park Way, Comber.

Enler Delta Blues Club ardsbangor.com

Heritage ardsbangor.com
The Helmsmen: The Picture Line-up:- Robin Page {Keyboards] Bobby McKee[RIP.} {Guitar] Andrew Duff {Drums] Tom Eddis {Bass] Picture taken at the "Helmsman" Bangor 1981-1982

More Information Required:-

The High Wall:  The Picture Line-up:- Titch McHard - Michael Anderson - Derek Drayne - Alastair MacKenzie [RIP] - Pete Mahood. In 1967 The High Wall Supported "Cat Stevens" at Belfast's Starlight Ballroom

Also See:- The Detours -  More Information Required:-

The High Wall ardsbangor.com
Hollies: - 1959  The Picture Line-up:- Jim Hanna RIP.. - Ernie Nichols[RIP.} [ Guitar] - Artie Bell - Bobby "Junior" Magreechan [Drums]. This Picture taken at The Young Farmers Club, Victoria Avenue, Newtownards in 1959.

More Information Required:-



The Hollies ardsbangor.com
The Hoods: - 1966  The Photo Line-up:-  Front Row:- "Toot" Peter Halpin [Vocals] RIP. - "Duke" Jim  Dorman {Drums}  Back Row:-  Jim Crothers {Bass}  Barry Woods { Guitar} Eric Sterritt {Guitar}

More Information Required:-

The Hoods ardsbangor.com
Iain Archer: Iain Denis Archer is a singer–songwriter from Bangor, who was once a secondary lyricist for the indie band Snow Patrol. Archer comes from a musical background and released several solo albums in the mid 90s on the small Scottish independent label Sticky Music. After a stint with Snow Patrol and a side project with Snow Patrol's frontman Gary Lightbody in The Reindeer Section, he returned to his solo career. In 2004 he released the album Flood The Tanks. In 2005, Archer picked up an Ivor Novello Award as part of the songwriting team behind Snow Patrol's Final Straw album. In 2007, "Canal Song" from Archer's album Magnetic North was featured on Grey's Anatomy (season 3 episode 14, "Wishin' and Hopin'") and Everything I've Got, from the same album was used as iTunes' Free Single of the Week. He also contributed vocals to the 2006 album Waiting for Clearance by The Freelance Hellraiser, which also featured Archer's long time collaborator Gary Lightbody. The song "We Don't Belong" received airplay on leading radio stations. He is married to German singer Miriam Kaufmann.Iain Archer ardsbangor.com
The Illegals: The Photo Line-up:- Peter Cochrane [Guitar] Paul Megahey [Guitar] Paul Deane [ Guitar] Niamh Kavanagh [Vocals] Jim Sisk [Keyboards - Guitar] Joe Hanratty [ Drums] Torry McGahey [ Bass] The line-up includes the lead vocal talents of  Niamh Kavanagh - one of the best female vocalists Ireland has ever produced. As well as lending her fantastic voice to the celebration of Eagles’ classics Niamh features in a special set of songs from that other West Coast rock giants Fleetwood Mac.


The Illegals ardsbangor.com
In-Sect: - 1965 The Picture Line-up:-  Clive Russell [Guitar] Paul Menown [Bass]  James McCorriston [Vocals]  Ray McClure [Guitar]  Ian Shields [Drums] The Band formed during their time at Regent House School, Newtownards. This picture was taken at one of their gigs in July 1965 at Comber.  For other Pictures and information also take a look at  "Gumm, Spring, Power & The Glory and  Teddy Palmer.In-Sect ardsbangor.com
Interns:  The Picture Line-up:- L-R Vincent McGonigle (Bass) Paul Divito [Vocals] - Sam Nicholson [Drums] - Roy Abbot {Guitar] - Ronnie Thorpe [Guitar] .The Interns were formed in Portrush, in the early 1960s by Paul Divito (Vocals) and Vincent McGonagle (Bass). They settled in Dublin for a time and were voted Best R&B Band in Ireland on two occasions. They toured Britain and Europe and played in Liverpool's famous Cavern Club. In recent years, some of the members joined forces with Henry McCullough [RIP.} to play with Buddy Guy at the Ulster Hall.
The Interns ‘Crying Time’ Single was very popular!
Interns ardsbangor.com
Jackie Flavelle [RIP]  Veteran bassist Jackie Flavelle, like all creative musicians, found the mid-sixties Showband scene musically stifling and unsatisfying. His escape route from the massively popular but musically conservative "Dave Glover Showband" must have felt like a miracle because he was, out-of-the-blue, offered a job with the Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band, one of the most respected in Europe. In ten years with Barber, Jackie toured internationally, made a number of albums and even recorded with Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart. After a solo album in singer/songwriter mode Jackie returned to Northern Ireland where he became a stalwart on the jazz and blues scenes. Now  .... years young, Jackie still gigs tirelessly, working with his own John Coltrane-influenced jazz band Giant Steps, his own blues band the Essence. A True Gentleman. Jacklie Flavelle ardsbangor.com
Jargon Junction: The Line-Up:- Joe Fleming {Bass} Junior Arlow {Drums} Dave Taylor {Vocals-Harmonica} Norman {Slow Hard} Henry [Guitar] Noelle Fee {Keyboards} Live Photo Taken At One Of Their Many Gigs At "The Pound" Belfast. Noelle also played in The Bangor Based Group "The Mood" "Tapestry II" And German Band "The Moan-Set" Noelle now lives in Wales and still does the occasional gig. .....More Info To FollowJargon Junction
The Janitors: - Early 1960s Original Line-up:- Richard Morrow [Bass] Mike Cash [Guitar] Neven Robinson [Guitar] Alistair Mc Kendrick [Drums] Terry Higgins [Keyboards]. Other Line-Ups:- Maurice Mawhinney { Guitar]) Deke Thompson {Bass} Ali McKendrick  {Drums} Chris Duffy {Guitar} Terry Higgins {Keyboards} Mason Douglas [RIP.] [Lead Vocals] A Bangor based Group playing the local venues, most memorably was winning the Tonic Teenage Show Talent Contest which was hosted by the late Brian Rossi [RIP.] and also another one at the Queens Court Hotel, Bangor.  After the Janitors, Maurice joined the Teenbeats playing all of the major Venues. He now lives in Cyprus . The Racketeers: Early 1960s Line-Up:-  Ronnie Swain {Lead Guitar}  Maurice Mawhinney {Rhythm Guitar} John Weir {Bass} Singer unknown! &  Ernie Lynas {Drums}

All Photo's Courtesy of Alan Mawhinney [ Maurice's Brother]

Janitors - The Racketeers
Jim Armstrong:  Music History Summary:- The Melotones Showband [1960s] - who were resident in the city's Romano's Ballroom. Them [1960s]  Truth [1970s]  Spike [1970s]  Reunion [1970s] Bronco [1970s] Light [1980s]  Sk'Boo [1990s] The Jim Armstrong Band [1990's] 'Them - The Belfast Blues Band' with Eric Wrixon[2000s] I think everyone will remember "The Pound" on Saturday Afternoon's "Roddy's Bar" in Townhall Street Belfast as one of their favourite live rock venue's. Around 1973 after working with singer Roly Stewart, Jim rejoined Ken McDowell in The College Boys, They would both then go on to join "Reunion" before working with another former Them member John Wilson in Bronco. Jim now lives in California. Gerry McIlduff {RIP.. 2005} Ex: Katmandu - The Plattermen - The Pretenders - The Pogues Etc:Jim Armstrong ardsbangor.com
John Smith Band:  The Line-Up:- Paul Lyttle {Vocals and Guitar}  Alistair McKenzie {Keyboards} John Smith {Drums} Deke Thompson {Bass} Gigged around Belfast for about a year. Penny Lane, Marquee Club and Dunmore Stadium. My first real paying gig was on the 10th January 1969 in Cloud 9 - The Co-Op Hall in Bangor, when "Virtue" supported the "John Smith Band"
Photo Required ardsbangor.com
Just Five: The Photo Line up:- Front: Billy McCoy [RIP.] (Guitar), Sam Mahood - RIP.. (Vocals), Harry Curry (Bass). Back: Ray Irwin (Drums), Mervyn Crawford (Guitar). Just Five were a powerhouse R & B act and one of Belfast's hottest R & B acts. The band was founded by pork butcher Sam Mahood (born in 1945, in Banbridge, who had long wild red hair, staring eyes, and a voice steeped in gospel, who lived in University Street with John Cox, brother of Mick Cox later of Eire Apparent. Promising guitar player John Cox nearly joined The Just Five. Later The band included Frank Connolly vocals; Billy McCoy [RIP.] Guitar and Mervyn Crawford guitar. Just Five also played a Friday night dance at the Annadale Boat Club and played the Maritime Hotel. Their repertoire featured blues classics and the latest Rolling Stones songs like 'Paint It, Black' and as a tribute to Them they regularly included a version of 'Baby Please Don't Go'. Among their rivals were up-and-coming group the Few, a quintet of hip schoolboys. Just Five appeared on a package recording released as 'Ireland's Greatest Sounds - Just Five ardsbangor.com
John Anthony: [RIP.] 6th Jan 2010 John Anthony Cross was known to his family in England as Tony Cross, but for his work in radio and on the music scene he was better known by his ´stage name´ Jon Antony. A gifted disc jockey, Jon previously worked for Radio Caroline before moving to Northern Ireland. He moved in celebrity circles with Tony Blackburn and he worked with the likes of Thin Lizzy and the Bay City Rollers. Born in Chelsea, London on July 13, 1942, Jon had one brother, Colin. Both boys grew up with their grandmother and aunt after their mother died when they were both still very young. Jon had his own hairdressing salon in Fulham before venturing onto the music scene. He worked mostly in Bangor where over four decades he was DJ at various venues, most notably the Queen’s Court Hotel on Bangor seafront, the Coachman’s near Rathgael and his very popular ´Swinging Sixties´ events in the Windsor Bars. A favourite introduction, “You don’t remember me?” - often said to a complete stranger - “That’s probably because we never met!” John Antony ardsbangor.com
Kardinals: Lead Vocals: Victor McGuigan - Lead Vocals: Joan Forsythe - Drummer: Victor Seaton - Keyboards: John Hanna - Trumpet: Ernie Milligan - Bass: Colin Kennedy - Guitar: Desi Donnelly. Tenor Sax: Morton Corbett. The Band won the Queens Court Hotel in Bangor Best Band of the year comp. (1964) and played local venues such as the King's Hall for ice skating (frozen fingers), Ulster Hall with Herman's Hermits, King George V Youth Centre, Top Hat Lisburn and many rural venues. Subsequently they moved to Manchester and then to Europe to play the American Army base camps (half of NI was out there). Eventually played American Army base camps in France where the Band disbanded.

Many Thanks for the Information ..... Ian Henry

The Kardinals Belfast ardsbangor.com
Ken Haddock:  Lots of Information on "Facebook"Ken Haddock Bangor ardsbangor.com
Kenny McDowell and Ronnie Greer: Kenny McDowell is probably the finest ever blues/rock singer Ireland has produced, and Ronnie Greer has for many years been our leading blues guitarist. Together with the brilliant rhythm section of bassist Alan Hunter and drummer Colm Fitzpatrick, the band feature an exciting mix of blues styles, from the Chicago intensity of Muddy Waters, to the contemporary groove of Robben Ford and Delbert McClinton.  

See Also:- Them-Truth-Light-Spike-Sk'Boo-Jim Armstrong Band Etc: 

Kenny McDowell and Ronnie Greer ardsbangor.com
Katmandu: Katmandu Photo Line-Up L/R:- Trevor Hutchinson {Bass} Pat Fitzpatrick {Keyboards} Iggy Ward {Guitar} Marty Lundy{Vocals} Peter McKinney {Drums}  Katmandu has existed since 1974, and are still rockin' today. Katmandu ardsbangor.com
Luv Bug: The Line Up:- The group consisted of Sister and Brothers - June (lead vocals), Hugh (Bass) and Max (Guitar) Cunningham with Ricky Meyler (Vocals and keyboards) and Majella Grant (Drums).Luv Bug ardsbangor.com
Luvin Memory: The Line-Up:- Norman Kerr [RIP.] [Vocals] Sammy Johnston [Lead Guitar] Joel McCloskey [Bass] Rab Butler [Guitar] Billy Bryson [Drums] The Band where formed at St Gabriel's Youth Club to help out with the local hop. They then started playing regularly around he scene. Some of the places they played:- Clarkes Dance Studio Donegall St, Bettystaffs Ann St, Starlight Ballroom Arthur St, Queens Hall Holywood, Embassy Ballroom Derry, They also played support for the Plattermen and also supported Rory Gallagher's Taste at the Whitla Hall.Luvin Memory - ardsbangor.com
Legions Elite: The Photo Line-up:- Andrew Roberts, Rikki Jordan, Jonny Coates, Mark Thompson and Robert Parker [Bass]  


More Information Required:-

Legions Elite
Light:  The Picture Line-up:- Albert Mills (Bass/Vocals), George O'Hara (Guitar/Vocals), Jim Armstrong (Guitar), Bertie McDonald (drums) and Brian Scott (keyboards/vocals). Light were a late 70s rock band from Belfast featuring Jim Armstrong, ex Them, Truth and Bronco. Their sole album is a collection of light progressive with slight psych touches, featuring some fine guitar playing. It is quite difficult to locate these days. Jim Armstrong played any many line-ups and now lives in California, for the latest information .....See Also:- Them-Truth-Spike-Sk'Boo-Jim Armstrong Band    

   "SPIKE" ...a different line-up of the Band in playing at "The Pound" Belfast

Light ardsbangor.com
Lyttle People:  The Picture Line up:- Joe Traynor, Mike Brown,  Linda Martin, Billy McCoy [RIP.] Gerry O'Neil and Paul Lyttle.  Paul Lyttle and Linda Martin left "Chips" to form Lyttle People. Some Of The Other Lyttle People Members included:- Liam Taggart, Barry Woods, Alan Holland, Joe Hanratty,  Jimmy Compton,  Stuart Bingham, Sammy Johnson.  Paul Lyttle and Linda Martin rejoined Chips in 1974. Also See ChipsLyttle People ardsbangor.com
David McWillams: [RIP.] 4 July 1945 – 8 January 2002.  David was a Belfast born singer, songwriter, and guitarist, best known for his 1967 song "Days of Pearly Spencer". David McWilliams was born in the Cregagh area of Belfast, an only child and moved to Ballymena at the age of three. He began playing guitar and writing songs in his early teens. After leaving Ballymena Technical College in 1963, he started an apprenticeship at the Shorts missile factory in Antrim, and also started a local dance band, the Coral Showband. He was also a well-respected football player, and even had a trial with Linfield as a goalkeeper.David McWilliams - ardsbangor
The Mad Lads:  The Line-up:- Kenny McDowell (vocals) John Fullerlove (lead guitar) Ray Courtney (bass) Billy Williams (guitar) Dougie McIlwaine (drums).  They regularly played in Bangor's "Red Rooster Club" -"Co-op Hall" on Saturdays nights. The Mad Lads, like Them, were a Belfast R&B-influenced mid-1960s band that played shows at the city's Maritime Hotel. Agent Phil Solomon and his record wholesaler brother Mervyn Solomon, who had played roles in getting Them's recording career started, also helped the Mad Lads get signed to Decca. Prior to recording for Decca, they laid down a track in Dublin, "Strangers," that was written by Tommy Scott, who would also pen some material for Them (composing "Call My Name" and co-writing "I Can Only Give You Everything")  Aside from the vocals, "Strangers" did have a passing resemblance to some of Them's ballads, enhanced by the presence of guitarist Jim Armstrong, who played in Them for a while (and who was not a member of the Mad Lads). Other Group Members included Jim Hill [RIP.} {Keyboards/Bass?} The Mad Lads Belfast ardsbangor.com
Matchbox:  The Line-up:- Alan McGorman {Vocals} Mike Brown {Bass} Billy McCoy [RIP.] {Guitar} Maynard Campbell {Drums}  


More Information and Photo Required......

Photo Required ardsbangor
Margo & the Marvettes:  The Photo Line-up:-  L-R With Margo in the middle, Trevor Burns (Guitar) - Carson Boyd (Drums) Les McSheffrey (Bass) - Brian Huddleston (Sax) Ron Chimes (Hammond). They originated in 1960 in Donaghadee, as a semi-pro band, touring Irish dance halls, and working with stars such as Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Eden Kane, Kenny Ball, Acker Bilk etc; then in late 1963 the band turned professional, and headed for London. Upon their arrival they got a residency in the Gresham Ballroom in Holloway Road for over a year, plus touring all over England , in 1964 the band recorded three singles for  Shel Talmy on the Parlophone label, on the first single "Start the world spinning again" Margo`s name was changed to Sherry Cantrell, the first of several name changes. Margo married guitarist and band leader Trevor just as the band turned professional and Trevor still accompanies Margo today. Margo's latest CD Album called "Full Circle" is now available. Picture:- Margo & The Marvettes 1966Margo ardsbangor.com
 Murial Day:  Muriel Day belongs to an elite group of female vocalists like Dusty Springfield, Petula Clarke and Cilla Black. Not perhaps what you might expect from a humble girl from Newtownards. Her beauty, sparkling personality and powerful, haunting voice make Muriel and her new single, “Shut up and Drive”, a force to be reckoned with. It’s the sheer magnitude of Muriel’s talent that has endeared her to audiences for the last four decades. She’s impressed her fans over the years with a staggering three to four costume changes in each set, proving herself a dazzlingly natural stage presence at every turn. Many of her fans know and love her best for her appearance as the 1st female to represent Ireland in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest in Madrid where she came fourth with “The Wages of Love”. But Muriel has been singing blues and jazz since the age of 15 with such bands as The Saints and the Dave Glover Showband, in venues across Ireland, UK, USA and for illustrious audiences including the likes of Playboy’s Hugh Heffner. Muriel can also add supporting the late Dusty Springfield among her long list of accolades.Muriel
Daniel & Muriel Day ardsbangor
The Method - Andwella's Dream: The Method were a three piece from Belfast. They were managed by George Meehan who also managed Sunshine{1], Soul Foundation later The Big Soul Band with the late, great Sam Mahood [RIP.] up front.  The Method were Paul Hanna {Bass} Wilgar Campbell {Drums} Dave Lewis[Guitar]. Dave Lewis began playing guitar and piano and writing songs at a very young age, appearing in talent contests and on local TV in Northern Ireland. In 1967 he joined psychedelic band The Method who then became Andwella's Dream in 1968. In 1969 while still a member of Andwella's Dream, released three albums between 1969-1971, the last two under the name Andwella. Dave has also written many songs for other artists including "Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun", a Hit for "Demis Roussos".The Method ardsbangor.comThe Method ardsbangor.com
Morning Dew:- 1960's  The Line-Up:- Johnny Gregg [Vocals] Terry Holland [Guitar] Frank Thompson [ Guitar] Graeme Humphrey {Bass Guitar & Vocals} Dee Finlay [Drums} 


Also See: - Richmond Hill   

Morning Dew
The Mood: - 1966 The Picture Line up:-  Shirley Thompson[Drums] Terry Hodges[Bass] Stewart Taylor [Vocals] Noelle Fee{Keyboards] Chris Fee{RIP.}{Guitar] Noelle also played in several other Groups/Bands including "Tapestry Mark II [1971] see below:- During our time together in Germany she joined "Moan-Set" and continued working throughout Europe for many years. Noelle now lives in Wales and I believe she still does the occasional gig. Pictured Below - In German Band "Moan-Set". After leaving "The Mood" Shirley Davidson (nee Thompson) and Noelle Fee joined Belfast group  'Penny Race' and later "'The Enchantmants". Shirley left the group scene completely in 1969 and in 2005 moved to live in France. Recently 'coaxed' to join a band there and is really enjoying drumming again! Terry Hodges is still playing at the "ENLER DELTA BLUES CLUB". The venue is at Comber Rec F.C. at Park Way, Comber.   Moan Set ardsbangor.comThe Mood ardsbangor.com
Otis and the Elevators:  No details on the Band Line-up:-

Video Clip Recording available on "Youtube" recorded at Bangor Seafront - 30th August 1999{JGM}

Otis and the Elevators ardsbangor.com
Partners In Crime: Bryce Norrie {Vocals} and Will McClenaghan {Guitar & Vocals} Pictured Below.

Partners In Crime ardsbangor.com

Partners ardsbangor
The Outlaws:  The Picture Line-up:- Terry Fagan [Guitar] Davy Carlisle [Guitar] Tom Francis [ Guitar] Charlie Sharkie [Guitar] Raymond Ferris [ Drums]

This Picture was taken on stage at the "Tonic Cinema Bangor"

The Outlaws ardsbangor.com

Pretty Boy Floyd & The Gems: 1977   The Line-Up:- Jim Lyttle (vocals), Denis Forbes (Guitar), Colin Martin (Bass), Paul Martin (Keyboards), Martin Hughes (Drums). Starting out as "Candy" the popular covers band. Smitten by the punk bug in 1977 Candy morphed into PBFATG. Started playing covers of Sex Pistols, Clash and Damned songs then wrote their own. Signed to George Doherty's Rip-Off record label with whom they released several singles, an EP, and appeared on the Belfast Rock compilation LP. The band appeared on the UTV documentary 'It Makes You want To Spit' and were the only band to appear at the May Day Bank Holiday punk festival in the Harp Bar 1978. The Gems split after relocating to London. Denis Forbes joined Bram Tchaikovsky, Jim Lytlle formed metal / punk hybrid Rogue Male and the remaining Gems teamed up with Gary Holton. Paul Martin then had a stint with Rudi / Station Superheaven.  - Also See "Rudi"-"Candy"

Pretty Boy Floyd ardsbangor.com
Pride:  The Photo Line-up 1966:-

Jim Ferguson - Gerry McAvoy - Tom Kidd - Brendan O'Neill - Don Donaghy

Also see "Deep Joy - Rory Gallagher "
Pride ardsbangor.com
The Power & The Glory:  The Photo Line-up:-  James McCorriston [ Sax] "Toot" - Pete Halpin [RIP..] [Vocals]  David Montgomery {Keyboards]  Deke Thompson [Bass] Harry Filmer [Guitar]  and Joe Hanratty [ Drums]  Joe Hanratty is currently working with the  "Illegals"  see picture abovePower & The Glory ardsbangor.com
Revolution: Formed in 1972 by Richard Chambers [Guitar] George Doak [Bass] Michael Ennis [RIP.] {Guitar] John Davidson [Vocals] and Davy Henderson [Drums]. Paul Heron joined the group a little later on vocals and continues to work the Scottish circuit  under the stage name of "Paul Philips" a Vocal Comedy & Tribute Entertainer. The Revolution, based at Ards Rugby Club played Golf clubs and Dance Halls all over  N. Ireland. Richard still lives in Newtownards.. Paul Philips ardsbangor.comRevolution ardsbangor.com
Richmond Hill 1967: - 1973  The Picture Line-up:- Johnny Gregg [Vocals] Gordon Thompson [Keyboards] Eddie McKee [Drums] Davy Esler [Bass] Peter Cochrane [ Guitar] It's worth noting that their Album  "Metropoliton Games" which was recorded at the Mud Wallace [RIP.] studio is still available and well worth a listen. Previous Line-up:- Brian McCaffrey [RIP.][ Guitar] Peter Cochrane [ Guitar]  Davey Esler [Bass - Vocals] Johnny Gregg [Vocals] George Kinlough [ Drums - Bass/Vocals] Eddie McKee [ Drums]  Note:-Richmond Hill Opened "Dirty Harry's Disco" Greyabbey in 1972. Brian McCaffrey [RIP.} previously played in the Belfast group "The Disowned" - truly one one the best Blues guitarists I've ever heard.
Greyabbey Village Hall ardsbangor.com
Richmond Hill ardsbangor.com
Ronnie Carroll: [R.I.P]  1934 - 2015. He will be best remembered for his 1962 Single version of "Roses Are Red" (My Love) / Wishing Star.  Born Ronald Cleghorn Aug 18th 1934 Roslyn St, Belfast, Northern Ireland. He enjoyed seven top fifty singles (2 Top 10) and represented the U.K. in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1962 with Ring A Ding Ding Girl and again in 1963 with ‘Say Wonderful Things To Me.’ Both entries were voted into fourth position. Ronnie lived quietly in Hampstead in North West London. However he still made regular excursions back into the world of show business. He Had previously stood unsuccessfully in elections under the banner of parties such as Make Politicians History.


Ronnie Carroll ardsbangor.com
Rob Strong: The Picture Line-up:- Rob Strong [Bass] Gerry McIlduff [RIP..][Drums] Alan McCartney [Guitar]  Rob Strong is a well-known Irish blues/R&B   singer and bassist. He recorded an LP with The Plattermen (Dolphin Records) in 1972 and a single on Vertigo under the name Hammer ("Rock Off") in 1973. He formed The Rob Strong Band in 1974 and pursued a soul rock cause for most of the decade. In the late 1970s, his band was called The Rockets.Rob Strong Band ardsbangor.com
Rudi: 1975  The Picture Line-up:-  Paul Martin [Keyboards]  More Info Required. The original members of the band were Brian Young, Ronnie Mathews, Graham Marshall, Leigh Carson. Gordon Blair joined on bass in January 1978. Paul Martin of Pretty Boy Floyd and The Gems joined the Band in 1980.Rudi ardsbangor.com
Ruby Murray:  [RIP.] (March 29, 1935 - December 17, 1996) Ruby Murray was a popular singer born in Belfast, Her characteristic hoarse voice was a result of an operation on her throat in early childhood. She toured as a child singer, and first appeared on television at the age of 12. Her first single was Heartbeat, which reached the UK top 5 in 1954. The next, Softly, Softly, reached number 1 in 1955, a year in which Murray achieved the rare feat of having five singles in the top twenty at the same time. She married Bernie Burgess and moved to England in 1957. Ruby Murray ardsbangor.com
Rumble Band: 1970  You can visit Teddie's web site by clicking on the "YouTube" Button to see more about what he's up to these days as there is just not enough space on this site to cover his huge musical career from 1962-1985. These days, Teddie splits his time between England and the Spanish resorts where he now lives. He also visits Ireland frequently and has his own Company called "Entertainments Unlimited"

Also Check out all the Great Clips on the "YouTube" Page.....

What A Collection

The Rumble Band ardsbangor.com
Rhythm Kings - Late 1950s  Left - Right: Unknown (piano), Hugh Blake (guitar), Jim Montgomery (vocals), Harry Burns (drums)  Denis Carson (guitar), Ron Francis (guitar), and Hillary Kiernahan (guitar).  A Bangor based Band in the late 50s-early 60s. If you know the piano player...please let me know. The Rythm Kings ardsbangor.com
Sam Mahood: - [RIP.]  1945 - Dec 22nd 2007 Sam was a well known character around Belfast. Fortunately for me he played at "Cloud 9 " in Bangor on a regular basis and like fellow musician Rory Gallagher he always had time to stop and talk to his fans. In his orange jacket and blue trousers, knee high boots and long curly hair. Sam gave the impression of being a quiet and gentle man but when he started singing he could belt it out with great energy. He disappeared off the scene for quite a few years, but he eventually made a come-back and the power of his singing had in no way diminished. He will be sadly missed by everyone ..He sang with Just Five and later toured with The Big Soul Band. Just Five were a powerhouse R & B Band and one of Belfast's finest. The band was founded by  Sam  (born in 1945, in Banbridge on the River Bann, Co Down, Northern Ireland), who had long wild red hair, staring eyes, and a voice steeped in gospel, he later lived in University Street with John Cox, brother of Mick Cox later of "Eire Apparent". Promising guitar player John Cox nearly joined The Just Five. Later the band included Frank Connolly on vocals.Sam Mahood ardsbangor.com
The Sapphires:  Patrick Cogllan [Guitar} - Stuart Rutherford {RIP.} Drums - Billy Mc Clintock {Bass]  Sydney Barlow {Guitar} - Brian Miller {Vocals} Roderick Alexander {Keyboards} Pete Fix {Saxophone/Harmonica} The Band were Tonic Teenage show winners. Playing venues like Betty Staffs, Sammy Houstons, The Plaza, Romanos, Milanos, Floral Hall, Queens Court Hotel, Capronis, Duck Pond, Pickie Pool (bathing beauty competition). The Crypt ( Bangor Bowls pavilion Ward Park) where there was a 3 band New Year Eve gig with Janitors and Them in 1962.The Sapphires ardsbangor.com
Safari: [1973]  The Picture Line-up:- John O'Brian - Joe McCann - [Junior] Bobby  Magreechan - Sean Auld - Billy Harvey.{Hank]  A Regular venue for the Band was "The Imperial Bar" in Bangor.

Do you remember the Safari at the "Jubilee Bar" North Street. Newtownards

Safari Newtownards ardsbangor.com
Simon McBride:   Appeared With Jules Holland & Status-Quo - 2009. As virtuoso guitarist and hailing from or very own Carrickfergus, comparisons are often made with Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore, though he sounds like neither in particular. Simon first started playing at age 10 and (self taught) he entered and won Guitarist Magazine's Young Guitarist of the Year competition when he was 15. He was immediately recruited by Sweet Savage (Vivian Campbell/Def Leppard) with whom he recorded two albums and regularly played major festivals. That was 13 years ago, since when he has toured the world as guitarist for diverse acts including Grammy nominated soul man Andrew Strong. Along the way he has played with artists like TM Stevens, Charlie Morgan, Zorro, Hugh Burns, Slash and Steve Lukather. He has demonstrated for Marshall amplifiers and Paul Reed Smith Guitars and is endorsed by PRS and Hughes & Kettner amplifiers.  Simon McBride ardsbangor.com
Sk'Boo:  1983 The Picture Line-up:- Jim Armstrong (Guitar), Kenny Mc Dowell (vocals), Mike Arkins (drums) and Alan Hunter (bass) Sk'boo was formed out of "Bronco" and "Light" and featured Kenny Mc Dowell on vocals, Jim Armstrong on Lead, Alan Hunter on bass and Michael Arkins on Drums. They where a brilliant band playing blues, rock etc: and mainly resident in the Errigle Inn  Belfast.
Jim Armstrong ardsbangor.com
SkBoo ardsbangor.com
Skid Row:  The Band was formed by Brush Shields after leaving Dublin Group "The Up Town Band" in 1967. The Line-up:- Left to right: Noel Bridgeman (drums, 20), Brush Shields (bass-21), Bernard Cheevers (guitar-18) and the soon to be internationally famous Philip Lynott (RIP-vocals-17). In 1968 the line changed to Phil Lynott[RIP.] {Vocals] Garry Moore {RIP..} [ Guitar] Brush Shields [Bass] Robbie Brennan [ Drums]. Then in 1969 yet another change:- Garry Moore {RIP..] [ Guitar] Brush Shields [Bass] Noel Bridgeman [Drums]Skid Row ardsbangor.com
Slipstream:  The Line-up:- Davy Hughes {Guitar] Gerry Rice {Guitar] Rodney Patterson [Bass] Tiddles Rice {Drums} More Information Required:-  If you have any information - Photo's etc: please let me know. Visit Rodney's Booking Agency Website "Notable Music Productions"
Rodney Patterson ardsbangor.com
Photo Required ardsbangor.com
Snow Patrol: - One of the biggest Bands of the past decade. Snow Patrol owes its origins to three former pupils of Campbell College and Sullivan Upper, Gary Lightbody, Mark McClelland (son of Beat Boys vocalist Peter McClelland) and Michael Morrison (son of Bill Morrison of The Group, Dunno, Chips and the Dominoes), who met up at Dundee university in 1994 and formed a band called “Shrug.”  Morrison was replaced in 1997 when the band was re-named Snow Patrol.  McClelland was replaced in 2005.  Over fifteen years and five studio albums, the part Irish, part Scottish five piece – singer songwriter Gary Lightbody, bassist Paul Wilson, guitarist Nathan Connolly, Jonny Quinn on drums and keyboardist Tom Simpson – have sketched heart-bruised ballads, and arm-around-your-best-mate festival anthems; radio hits and moments of painful introspection. All of these have been gathered together for ‘Up To Now’ - a thirty track, double album of singles, cover versions, rarities, album tracks and a handful of new songs as well as compositions by the Reindeer Section – an indie super group featuring members of Scotland’s guitar elite - Belle and Sebastian, Snow Patrol ardsbangor.com
Soul Foundation: - Present   The Picture Line-up:- Joe Mawhinney - Billy McCoy [RIP.] - Joe Hanratty - Alistair Wallace -  Gerry Rice  -Mervyn Crawford - Warren Boyd - A Tribute To The Late, Great, Irish Soul Legend...."Sam Mahood - RIP.."  "SOUL FOUNDATION" perform their tribute to the one and only "Sam Mahood - RIP" who was at the forefront of the soul scene in Ireland in the 60s and 70s.  A brilliant performer in his own right, Sam and his band, The Soul Foundation packed the dance halls across Ireland night after night!  With four original members still in the band, "THE SOUL FOUNDATION" will bring you back in time with all those favourite classic Motown tunes. Soul Foundation ardsbangor.com
Soul Foundation: - 1967  The Picture Line-up:- Rusty (vocals), George Porter (Bass), John Cox (Guitar), Mervyn Crawford (Sax), Sam Mahood  (RIP..-Vocals), Roy Irwin (Drums), Chris Napier (Sax), Phil Turner (Sax) and Karen Byrne (Vocals).
More Information Required on the new line-up:-
Soul Foundation ardsbangor.com
Sparkle:  The Picture Line-up:-  Armstrong Beattie {Keyboards]  Pete Boardman [Guitar]  Davy Hamilton [Vocals] Hugo Andrews [RIP.]{Sax]  Trevor Boyce {Bass]  Billy Bell { Drums]
More Information Required:-
Sparkle ardsbangor.com
Spinoza:  The Picture Line-up L-R:-  Mark Coyle {Drums} Raymond Carroll {Guitar} Eddie Hill {Keyboards} Rodney Patterson {Bass} The Band consisted of two former members of "Fresh/The Fresh Boogie Band" Raymond & Eddie. Rodney was a former Bass Player of "Sting and Slipstream" Their music mostly consisted of original material -  Jazz /Funk etc: and also some standard cover versions.Spinoza ardsbangor.com
SPIKE:  The Pound Belfast

The Picture Line-Up:- Barry McCrudden [Keyboards] Alan Hunter [Bass] Kenny McDowell [Vocals] Gerry McIlduff [RIP..]{Drums] Jim Armstrong [Guitar].

Jim Armstrong ardsbangor.comThese Pictures where taken at "The Pound - Belfast" in 1976
See Also:- Them-Truth-Light-Sk'Boo-Jim Armstrong Band
Spike - The Pound Belfast ardsbangor.com
Splinter:  Formally "Breeze" The Picture Line-Up Pic.1:- Pete Boardman {Guitar} Trevor Boyce {Bass} Don Bell {Guitar} Terry Boyce {Drums} Bill Hunter {Vocals} The Line-Up Pic.2:-Trevor England (Bass) Gavin Mc Nally (Drums) Francis Gunning (Guitar and Vocals) Don Bell {Guitar} Bill Hunter {Vocals} The Band had several line-up changes during their duration. Some members of the original Band line-up are still playing.  Paul Martin later Joined "Pretty Boy Floyd and The Gems" and  "RUDI". Pete Boardman based in Donaghadee, now has over 25 years of experience crafting individually designed and hand crafted violins. Sold all over the world.

 Pete Boardman ardsbangor.comPete Boardman ardsbangor.com

Splinter ardsbangor.com
Spring: 1973 The Picture Line-up:-  Sam Wadell {RIP.}{Sax] James Meredith {Bass & Vocals] John McCormick {RIP.} {Keyboards} Brendan O'Neil {Drums] Dusty Hagan {Vocals} Harry Filmer {Guitar]   Spring - Formally Gumm  A six piece Bangor based Band had several line-up changes during the early seventies. Norman Keenan [RIP.] {Vocals} replaced by Dusty Hagan [Ex: Pennyfeather]. Billy Bell {Drums}  replaced by Brendan O'Neil and Raymond Donnan {Keyboards & Sax} replaced by John McCormick [RIP.].. The Band were managed by Damian McIlroy - Guitarist of the Freshmen. They  had success playing all of the major venues throughout Ireland. I truly enjoyed my time with the Band, good gigs - great repertoire - great Musicians. Brendan O'Neil left the Band in 1973 and moved to London to form "Swift" and then of course joined Rory Gallagher. Norman Keenan [RIP.] Joined local Band "Variety" and continued working for many years. Billy Bell is still working and has played in so many successful Groups / Bands.Spring ardsbangor.com
Stiff Little Fingers:  Jake Burns formed Stiff Little Fingers In 1977. Along with the likes of the Clash, Sex Pistols, The Jam, Skids, Buzzcocks, Undertones, Sham 69, Stranglers etc: They were at the forefront of the punk movement. They enjoyed six years as one of the biggest ticket draws in the UK. They toured the UK supporting the Tom Robinson band and gathered a solid following. That plus airplay by John Peel resulted in their first album, debuting in the UK charts at No.14. Stiff Little Fingers ardsbangor.com
Sting: 1970s - 1980s  The Line-up:- As with most of the semi-professional Bands the line-up changed several times during their career. The Band members included :- John Boyce - Rodney Patterson - David Maxwell - David Davidson - Kenny Briggs - Mike Skelton - Davy Hughes and Jim Sisk. In 1981 Sting reached the finals of the televised "Benson & Hedges Entertainer Of The Year" competition.  They also won a talent contest organised by the Northern Ireland subsidiary of a Nation brewery. The prize £500 and the chance to tour South Africa. If anyone has a recording of the "Benson & Hedges Entertainer Of The Year" TV Show, please let me know.  John like all semi-professional musicians during this period continued with "The Day Job" and now has a successful Car Sales business in Newtownards.
Sting ardsbangor.com
The Suburban's: 1960' - 70s  - Donaghadee: Robert McMillen (guitar), Robert Apps (RIP) (drums), Bottom: Graham Drennan [RIP] (guitar/vocals), Reggie Carson (lead vocals) and Billy Hunter (bass / vocals). Other Band Members:- Michael Livingstone [Drums] later replaced by Robert Apps {RIP.} Gary Moore {RIP.} was the last member to join the group. They were later to become "The Life" a 3 piece group. Another group member from Donaghadee was of course Billy Bell {Drums} Billy has played in many groups/bands during his music career - Gumm - Spring - Jim Armstrong Band etc: as is still playing....

 "Thanks to Ian Hunter and Roy Campbell for their help! - information"

Also See "The Dreamin Kind"

Suburbans1967 ardsbangor.com
The Streamliners:  The Line-up:- Pictured here in 1958:- Jim Hanna (RIP) - Ernie Nichols[RIP.} - Dick Yeaman - Bobby "Junior" Magreechan. See also "Safari - The Sweeny - Hollies" etc: Streamliners ardsbangor.com
Sunshine: The Line-up:-  Arty Moorehead [ Drums] Bryce Norrie [Vocals] Rosie McErlane [ Vocals] James Meredith [ Bass] Stuart Bingham [Guitar] Sunshine evolved from "Tapestry" a Ballymena Based Pop Group. On their return from Germany in 1971 they successfully continued working in all the local venues. However their were several line-up changes during this period, Arty Moorehead {Drums] joined them, then in came Stuart Bingham on guitar. A little later Bryce Norie joined to reinforce the Vocals and the Band was renamed "Sunshine"   Later Irene & Shaun left to join Chips so Trevor England joined the Band on Bass along with Rosie McIrlane. The rest is history. They went on to win  Hughie Green's "Opportunity  Knocks" for 6 consecutive weeks. The show sometimes attracted as many as 18 million viewers weekly and this launched "Sunshine" into the mainstream. Later the Band were given the opportunity to enter the final selection process to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest. It was at this time that I replaced Trevor England on Bass. Trevor went on to join "Chips" Sunshine 1978 ardsbangor.com
Rosie & The Heartbeats:

See Rosie in Sunshine - Eurovision 1978 At The Royal Albert Hall - UK  National Final 

The Line-up:-  More Information Required
Shorty And The Heartbeats ardsbangor.com
Sweeney:  The Picture Line-up:- Raymond Hull - Ernie Nichols[RIP.} - Davy - Andy Adams - Davy Lemon. The Original Bass Player was of course Terry Hodges. The Barry Brent picture was taken at The Squires Inn  - Ballygowan which was a very successful gig for the Band.  Also See :- The Safari - The V.I.P.s  - The Hollies and the  Streamliners.

Do you remember the Safari at the "Jubilee Bar" North Street.?

Sweeney ardsbangor.com
Two Door Cinema Club: They are an electropop/alternative band from Bangor and Donaghadee, they formed in 2007. The band consists of Alex Trimble (vocals, guitar), Kevin Baird (bass, vocals) and Sam Halliday (guitar, vocals). The band do not have a permanent drummer, but they have been touring with Benjamin Thompson. They are signed to French record label Kitsuné Music, through whom they released their debut album, Tourist History on 1 March 2010. It won the Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year 2010 the following year. The band were previously a 4 piece group known as Life Without Rory, consisting of the Two Door Cinema Club members and also a drummer, Patrick Thompson. However Two Door Cinema Club took form after Patrick left. In 2007, Two Door Cinema Club was formed, and following an increased interest in their music on their MySpace page, they gave up their university places and began work on studio material. Two Door Cinema Club ardsbangor.com
Tapestry: [Mark 1] The Picture Line-up:- Irene McElroy {Vocals} Bob Speers {Lead Guitar] Harry Gray {Drums] Alan Mawhinney {Keyboards-Guitar]  Shaun Magee {Bass Player] This Picture was taken at the George Buttery in Ballymena, a regular gig for the Band. It’s worth noting that from the original "Tapestry" line-up that both Irene McElroy {Singer} together with Shaun Magee {Bass Player] where to move on and form “Sunshine” and then a little later leave to join “Chips” Bob Speers is of course a well known Ballymena born singer/songwriter and is still playing. Alan Mawhinney from Whitespots - Newtownards appears many times on the site and like all semi-professional musicians during this period continued with "The Day Job" also see Angels - Tapestry Mark 2  - City Sound etc:.Tapestry1971 Line-up ardsbangor.com
Tapestry: [Mark 2] - Denmark & Germany 1971  The Line-up:- Alan Mawhinney [ Keyboards] James Meredith [Bass] Robert Apps [RIP..]  [ Drums] Lawrence Thomson {RIP..] [Guitar]  Noelle Fee [Keyboards]  The Picture was taken at the Whitehorse Club in Nurnberg - Germany where the Band were resident. The Clubs in Germany required Bands to play for 9 hours – 45minutes onstage and then 15minutes off {Break] not for the faint hearted.   However we did mature, the Band got tighter, the Show was slicker and looking back, it was a great experience to be very useful for me later in my Music career.  Noelle is now living in Wales and Alan is now living in England. Both still playing on a semi-professional basis. Also See:-  Virtue - The Mood - Moan-Set - Angels - Jargon Junction - City Sound - Spring - Fresh Boogie Band - Sunshine. Tapestry1971 Germany ardsbangor.com

TASTE: Rory Gallagher [RIP..] 1948 - 1995  Taste featured Rory Gallagher (Guitar/Harp/Vocals) - John Wilson (Drums) Richard McCracken (Bass] But his first bands were Showbands which played the popular hits of the day. In 1965 he turned the Impact into an R&B group which played gigs in Ireland and Spain. Having completed a musical apprenticeship in the Showbands, and influenced by the increasing popularity of beat groups during the early 1960s, Rory formed Taste, a blues and R&B trio, in 1966. The group initially consisted of  Himself and two Cork musicians, Norman Damery and Eric Kitteringham, but the line-up which gained fame was formed in 1967, featuring Rory on guitar and vocals, John Wilson (drums) and Richard McCracken (bass).

The Line-up:- Sam Davidson [ Guitar] Albert Mills {Bass] John Wilson {Drums]

Taste ardsbangor.com

Teddie Palmer Bands:  Today, Teddie runs "Entertainments Unlimited" and manages the fortunes of a new generation of entertainers in Ireland and abroad. You can visit his site to see more about what Teddie is up to these days as there is just not enough space on this Site to cover his vast musical career and achievements. Here is his Stage Career summary [1962-1985] The Beathavens[1962] - Spectres[1965] - Exiles[1966]  - Teddie & The Tigers[1967] - College Boys[1967]  - Teddie Palmer Trend[1969]  The Rumble Band[1970] - Tremblin' Ted & The Rockers [1974] - The Teddie Palmer Band[1979] Teddie also released a solo Album in 1980 simply called "TEDDIE" Teddie Palmer ardsbangor.com

The Teddie Palmer Band ardsbangor.com
Van Morrison: - Them  Van Morrison [George Ivan] ) Born in 1945 - Belfast, the son of a shipyard worker and part-time jazz musician, he was educated at Elm Grove and Orangefield Schools before leaving in 1960. By 1964 he was touring with a band called The Monarchs in Germany, who later became "Them", the single ‘Baby Please Don't Go - Gloria’ entered the charts. In 1967 Van went to the USA, where he produced the album Blowin' Your Mind, followed by so many others, including Astral Weeks (1968), Moondance (1970), Into the Music (1979) Beautiful Vision (1982), Poetic Champions Compose (1987), Irish Heartbeat (1988), Enlightenment (1990), and Too Long in Exile (1993). Throughout his work he evokes the longing and hope of his Belfast childhood. Van Morrison ardsbangor.com
Thin Lizzy: The New Lizzy Line-up:- Scott Gorham {Guitar} Vivian Campbell  (Def Leppard - Guitar] Ricky Warwick (The Almighty - Vocals/Guitar]  Marco Mendoza {Bass} Darren Wharton {Keyboards}- Brian Downey [Drums] Phil Lynott ardsbangor.com
Tours De Force:  The Line-up:-  Paul Bradley [Guitar] James Meredith [Bass] Janet Johnston [Vocals] Rory McCahon formally of Sting and The Dusty Hagan Band [ Drums] Eddie Hill {Keyboards]  A Bangor Based five piece Band originally featuring "Patricia Harris" on vocals. Made regular appearances at the Errigle Inn, Belfast. Janet replaced Patricia on Vocals. The Band evolved from the earlier Fresh & Fresh Boogie Band days -  Rory, Paul and I previously worked together in the  "Dusty Hagan Band" playing regularly at the "Frontpage" Belfast. Eddie now lives in Co. Armagh and continues to write and record  original material.Tours de force ardsbangor.com

The V.I.P.s 1964 The Line-up:- Terry Fegan - Hugh Quinn - Ernie Nichols [RIP.] - Junior Magreechan - Dennis Erny. Appearing at The Young farmers Club on Victoria Avenue in 1964. Ernie Nichols [RIP} is featured in many Groups/Bands.

The VIPs ardsbangor.com
Vaqueros: The Picture Line-up {B&W}:- Denis Shields (rhythm) Denis Martin (vocals) Bill Armour (drums)Des McNeill (bass) and Bertie Shields (lead). The Picture Line-up {Colour}:- unknown, Denis Shields (rhythm) Des McNeill (bass) Joe Fortune (drums) and Bertie Shields (lead). The Picture was taken at the Shadows Ireland Club in Dublin. During their career the Group played  most of the major Dance Halls in Belfast i.e. Betty Staffs, The Orpheus, The Plaza, The Fiesta, The Osbornes, The Orchid, Caproni's in Bangor etc.- mostly the Showband circuit.
 The Shadows Music Club ardsbangor.com
Vaqueros Newtownards ardsbangor.com
Virtue: [1967-1971]  The Line-up:- Robert Apps [RIP.] Drums - James Meredith [Bass/Vocals] - Lawrence Thomson {RIP.] Guitar/Vocals -  Picture taken 1971 Virtue formed in 1967 the original line-up was Lawrence Thomson [Guitar/Vocals] {RIP.} Philip O’Connor [Drums] Michael Richmond [Guitar]. By that time I had just recently switched to Bass Guitar. We all liked Hendrix, Cream, Fleetwood Mac and John Mayalls’ Blues Breakers so “Virtue” was born and our first real paying gig was on the 10th January 1969 in Cloud 9 - The Co-Op Hall in Bangor, when we supported “The John Smith Band” .By that time Jim Doak had already replaced Philip O'Connor on Drums and Michael Richmond had already left the Band. The picture was taken outside "Blaxnit's Old Canteen" ...this is where we used to rehearse and Robert Apps [RIP.] had by this time replaced Jim Doak on Drums.... Virtue 1971 Newtownards ardsbangor.com
Wave Band: [1973 -1975]  The Line-up:- Peter Scott [ Scooty] {RIP.] Guitar - Bill Hunter {Vocals] - James Meredith [Bass]  - Don Bell  [Guitar] Formally of  Breeze & Splinter - Jim Doak [Drums]  A Five Piece Bangor based Band playing all of the local Venues. Does anyone remember the "Pig & Chicken" Templepatrick, this was a great regular gig for the Band.  Don & Bill had previously been the founder members of "Splinter" which included Paul Martin [ Keyboards] and Trevor England {Bass] and of course Trevor Boyce [Bass] with brother Terry Boyce [ Drums] Jim Doak is now living in Malaga - Spain, hopefully enjoying his well earned retirement.  However Bill is still doing the odd local Charity gig with Sammy Johnston as "Cut'N'Two" and they have no intensions of hanging up the Boots just yet ......watch out for them at the Bryansburn Inn Bangor. Also See "Splinter"WaveBand ardsbangor.com
WaveBand II: [1975]  The Line-up L/R :- Nicky Davidson [Guitar]  Rodney Archer [Drums]  Roy French [Bass]  Clive Briggs [Guitar] - Eddie Hill [ Keyboards]Waveband{2} 1975 ardsbangor.com
The Witnesses: Belfast’s Witnesses Showband were probably the only Showband to welcome Elvis Presley to their show! The King and his entourage, including his wife Priscilla attended their Christmas Show at The Paradise Island Hotel in The Bahamas in 1969, took a bow when introduced to the audience by bandleader and compere Harry “Trixie” Hamilton and later told the lads that he had enjoyed the show. He bought drinks for the band and joined them onstage, though he did not sing. They began when six musicians from another great Belfast band, Dave Glover’s Showband, left to start a new band. Alex Burns (guitar), Harry Hamilton (bass), Gerry Rice (saxophone), Andy Wilson (trombone), Harry Mitchell (piano) and vocalist Joe Clarke formed the nucleus of the new showband and trumpeter George Mullen was recruited to complete the line-up. Mitchell later left to be replaced by Tony Morelli and in the mid-60s, Dubliner Colm Wilkinson joined as lead vocalist. Italian-born Morelli was a former choirboy who had come from the Northern Comets Showband. His father had been a member of Glenn Millar’s Big Band in the USA. Witnesses Showband ardsbangor.com
No Band Name: David Cooles .{RIP} {Lead Guitar}  Willie Dunlop {Rhythm Guitar}: Ian Henry {Bass Guitar}: Richard McMullan {Drums}  Morton Corbett {Tenor Sax}  Bill Black {Trumpet} Jim ??? {Trombone}

More Information To Follow ...... Ian Henry

Lots more information Required  - unknown Band Name  - Help Please

Information Supplied By Ian Henry - Also see "HeadBand"  

Unknown Band Name - ardsbangor.com
Willie Byrne: He  is  now recognized as one of Belfast’s hidden gems, legendary among Northern Ireland’s guitar fraternity. He has been performing since the late seventies and  his reputation on electric and acoustic guitars is incredible. Willie replaced Billy McCoy [RIP.] following his departure from "Clouds". Willie Byrne ardsbangor.com

Bangor - Ward Park ardsbangor.com
A 45,000 crowd descended on Bangor’s Ward Park as a music phenomenon brought the curtain down on Northern Ireland’s biggest ever music festival. US rapper Eminem wowed festival goers with a 90 minute headline set at Tennent’s Vital to complete the two day music extravaganza. The event saw a string of chart topping acts appear and also marked an exciting homecoming for Bangor / Donaghadee's Two Door Cinema Club. A bill which included festival favourites Kaiser Chiefs and  Brit Award winning Ellie Goulding helped firmly established Bangor as one of the UK’s major concert venues. More than 60,000 people swamped the town over two days. Making it the largest festival to be staged in Northern Ireland.

Snow Patrol - Ward Park Bangor ardsbangor.com

 The 2nd Biggest Live Show ever In Northern Ireland. Live on stage at  Bangor's Ward Park, home town of lead singer Gary Lightbody. More than 42,000 fans attended the open-air event which included General Fiasco, a new Belfast band. The gig was the first of the only two concerts the band played in the UK and Ireland in 2010. The last time the five-piece played Ward Park was in June 2007, where they were welcomed back to their home turf by 30,000 adoring fans. They return to Bangor for the third time on the 25th May 2019.

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